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What we do….

Building a business from your creative hobby can be tough.

It’s a great feeling to love what you do and know that other people appreciate what you create.

You might have been thinking for a while about the possibility of turning your hobby into a business. It will allow you to do what you love every single day, will help you develop a lifestyle you will love, it will give your self-esteem a boost and you and your family will feel proud that you can succeed in going into business for yourself.

But where to start?

You KNOW you are great at the creative part – your music or writing or art.
But not so much at the business side.

You’ve tried searching for the information or maybe event social media. But the more you search, the more conflicting information you find.

That’s where Applause Genie comes in. We can help you navigate the Business of Being Creative so you can Do What You Love ALL THE TIME!

Our Services

Business Success Training for Emerging and Ambitious Musicians

Turn Up Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference

Copyright Training and Guest Speaking

Live Business Mini-Masterclasses for the Creative Community

Grant Writing and Mentoring