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I’ll help take the stress out of your next grant application….

Have you ever tried to apply for a grant for a great arts or career development project you need funding for and found it all too hard?

You are not sure if you are completing the right grant for your project, the questions on the grant application are too hard to understand, and you are seeking support letters but unsure who to ask or what to tell your supporters to write on them and the budget is beyond you. The grant deadline is looming and nothing is working for you.

But you struggle on and submit the application, finding time and time again that you are not successful.

Wouldn’t it be easier to work with someone who can take all that stress and doubt away?

Applause Genie can help.
We’ve had 25 years experience writing grants for arts projects and have over 85% success rate in getting projects funded – like career development grants, project grants, community festival grants and my Create and Connect business sessions and the annual Turn Up Music Conference.
In the last 12 months, we’ve bought more than $50,000 into our local community alone.

I first got interested in grant writing when I had an idea for a project, applied for a grant and my application was so successful that my local council employed me directly to run my project – with much more funding than my original grant application!
It inspired me to write more, for both community-based projects and events and I was successful in getting them all.

Later I started writing for others and spent two years as a grants assessor, experiencing what happens from the other side. I now teach grant writing to both tertiary arts students and for organisations like visual arts peak body Flying Arts.


My team and I would love to help you understand more about the world of grant writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of grants do you specialise in?

We specialise in writing grants for arts and cultural projects. These can be a project, an event or conference or for career development.

Do you work for individuals or only for organisations?

We work for both.
We are experienced in writing individual applications, as well as applications for groups and organisations.

Will you work for commission?

We don’t work for commission, as we feel it is not ethical.

How long does it take to do a grant application?

It is best to have at least six to eight weeks to work on the application.
The part that takes the longest of any application is securing quotes and letters of support, as you are relying on outsiders to complete the tasks.

There are also peak times when Applause Genie is completing a large number of grant and other project work, and cannot take on rush clients.
We can work with you to create a strategic plan for funding.

Will you read over our grant application?

We are happy to give you a quote for the time needed to read and make suggestions on changes to your grant application.

What are letters of support?

Letters of support are letters from people who support your project. They demonstrate the credibility of the applicant and offer evidence as to why the applicant project should be supported.
Letters of support can come from colleagues, community, peak bodies or other important people in your industry, people who have worked with you in the past, etc.

Will you organise letters of support for us?

It is best if the letters of support come from people who know you/your organisation well and can speak authoritatively about you. We are happy to provide suggested text for support letters, but it is best they are sourced from your contacts rather than ours.

Will you manage our grant acquittal?

Yes. We manage grant acquittals for a fee of $60.00 per hour.
For us to manage your acquittal you will be required to send copies of all paid invoices, copies of all marketing material and regular reports, photos and videos of your project.

Price List



Per hour
Large projects with complex budgets

Multiple applications for the one project

Grant writers writes sample support letters

Grant writer sources quotes/support letters

Proofreading application and correcting



Per hour
Small projects up to 5 hours labour

Developing grant budget

Checking grant budget

Proofreading application


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