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If you own a business you own Intellectual Property, especially copyright, even if you are not a creative business. ILearn how to identify the copyright you own, how to protect it and how to capitalise and make money from it.

Most small businesses may not be aware of the copyright they own, thinking that it is exclusive to those in the arts. In our informative sessions Andrea can  deliver content covering:

  • what you may own,
  • staff and freelancer ownership,
  • areas to consider in both ownership and infringement
  • procedures for staying legal during day to day business activities and events.

    This important session will set you up to make sure you are aware of and protect your valuable copyright and make sure you are respecting the copyright of others.

In these times of easy access to imagery and music, it can be hard to know if you are doing the right or wrong thing when sharing on social media, your website and other products.
And the advice you get online can be conflicting and confusing.


Find out about common misconceptions about image sharing.
Discover the rights that all artists & musicians have and the context for users of copyright.
Andrea will bust the myths and outline what you need to do to stay legal in the digital space.

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As a Success Strategist for Creatives, Andrea has a passion for helping performing, visual and craft artists become more sustainable as a business. She manages regular mentoring sessions and events and is currently writing a book on copyright for small business.


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