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I have a passion for helping people experience the beauty of arts and culture, and feel a great sense of achievement every time my help brings new creative projects into the world.

Do you have a creative product that deserves to be seen or experienced?

Your latest songs.

An exhibition of your paintings or craft.

Your book, play or film.

A cultural experience, festival, event.

A training program for your community.

Touring your music or play or art to other communities.

A training opportunity to benefit your arts community.

Professional development for your career growth.

But you need funding to get it over the line.

And you’ve given up on grants?

The questions are like sitting an exam

Budget forms that are worse than doing your tax

Eligibility requirements that are as clear as mud

And the grant jargon seems like a foreign language

It’s enough to make you throw in the towel!

If you’ve ever:

Started a grant application and given up.

Found the questions too difficult to understand.

Realised the budget was just too daunting.

Are too time-poor and didn’t make the deadline.

Have applied, but have never been successful.

How about trying a grants genie instead?

Someone on your side who can add some magic into your application.

Advise whether you are eligible for a grant.

Assist you to pick the best grant for your project.

Help you interpret the grant questions correctly.

Submit the right supporting documents.

Craft a realistic and workable budget.

Manage the process so it’s not taking up your valuable time.

Submit the grant on time.

You’ll really believe it’s magic!

I gain great joy in helping people be able to realise their artistic dreams.

Whether you are creating and releasing new art, showcasing it to the world, or creating an arts and cultural experience for your community,   I am here to help.

I will craft a unique application that reflects you AND meets the grant criteria.

As a specialist in writing bespoke and unique grant applications for the creative sector, I can work with you to take away all the stress and doubt that makes you wonder if you have interpreted the grant questions correctly, submitted the right supporting documents, or even picked the right grant program for your project.

The Applause Genie grant writing service is unique and tailored not only to meet the grant criteria but to make your creative work shine.

I get to know you, your project and your long-term goals.

I’ll interpret the grant questions for you.

Manage and balance the budget in ‘grant language’.

Make sure you are meeting all the eligibility criteria.

Make the process easy and stress free with no need for constant meetings.

Make sure you have all the supporting documents you require.

Understand what grant assessors are looking for and provide information in a form that grants assessors prefer.

Craft you an application which will highlight your personality, and the innovation and creativity in your art form and your project.


I’ve had 25 years of experience writing grants for arts projects and have proven success in getting projects funded.

Andrea Smith

Work With Me

Applause Genie Payment and Scheduling Policies


Payments: Applause Genie requires upfront payment before starting work on applications.

Crafting a compelling grant proposal requires a significant investment of time, effort, and expertise. Our experienced team of grant writers dedicates hours of research, strategy development, and content creation to maximize your chances of success. By requiring upfront payment, we can allocate the resources to start the process promptly and with the highest level of commitment.

Schedule: Applause Genie requires a long lead time BEFORE grant deadline to best craft your application.

To ensure we provide the highest standard of service, we kindly request a lead time of 8 weeks before the grant deadline. This allows us to dedicate the attention to your project. Given the complexity and attention to detail required for grant applications, we always want to ensure that client applications are prepared thoroughly and professionally. A very short turnaround will compromise the quality and thoroughness of the application.

Your commitment: Applause Genie will need you to provide detailed information and timelines for your project.

​As a grant writer, it is important for Applause Genie to have detailed information and timelines for your project in order to accurately and effectively write your grant application. This information will help us understand the project, the timeline for completion, and the resources needed to complete the project. This information will help us create a compelling grant application that accurately reflects the goals and objectives of the project.

New Clients

Bespoke Grant Writing Steps

Step 1

*New Clients: Complete the online Grant Writing Assistance Form by clicking HERE. Attend Zoom meeting (details emailed to you) to discuss your project. We will explain Applause Genie’s processes for grant writing commissions.

Step 2

Complete contract and secure a booking to have Applause Genie craft your grant application. Make payment of the invoice emailed to you by Applause Genie support staff.

Step 3

Provide initial information on your project to Applause Genie through the Google Drive link, which will be provided. Secure and provide to Applause Genie support documentation based on advice from our expert grant writer.

Step 4

Applause Genie crafts your bespoke grant application, including budget. We work through Google docs, where you can view the process and provide feedback on the answers to grant questions.

#Extra support given to craft essential provided in the Guided Support Package


Step 5

You work with Applause Genie to make a final check over the bespoke crafted application and budget. Once completed and signed off, we submit the bespoke grant application.

*New clients only. Current clients who have previously engaged Applause Genie for Grant Writing Services can proceed to Step 2.


#If the Bespoke Grant Writing & Guided Support package is chosen, you will be guided in developing essential documents you require for your grant application and project.

New Clients

Expert Grant Feedback Steps

Step 1

*New clients: Complete the online Grant Writing Assistance Form by clicking HERE. Attend Zoom meeting (details emailed to you) to discuss your project. We will explain Applause Genie’s processes for grant writing commissions.

Step 2

Complete contract and secure a booking to have Applause Genie provide feedback on your self written grant application. Make payment of the invoice emailed to you by Applause Genie support staff.

Step 3

Provide a PDF download of the grant, by downloading from the funding body grant portal, and all supporting documentation to Applause Genie.



Step 4

Applause Genie will provide feedback on your application, suggesting improvements and any non-compliance with eligibility requirements.

*New clients only. Current clients who have previously engaged Applause Genie for Grant Writing Services can proceed to Step 2.


Grant Writing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of grants do you specialise in?

We specialise in writing grants for arts and cultural projects and for individual artists, groups, businesses and organisations. These can be a project, an event or conference, a recording, for career development or more.

Do you work for individuals or only for organisations?

We work for both. We have many years of experience writing individual applications, as well as applications for groups and organisations.

Are there activities arts grants will not fund?

Yes, there are. As a general rule, arts grants do not fund:

  • Fundraising activities, awards, competitions, eisteddfods, prizes, private tuition
  • Tertiary education
  • Educational institutions seeking funding for core business
  • Personal expenses (except for a limited number of Fellowships and Scholarships)
  • Projects or activities that do not involve or benefit Australian practicing artists or arts professionals
  • Projects or activities that do not have a clearly defined arts component
  • Projects that have already taken place
  • People who not completed an acquittal for a prior grant
  • Staff or former staff of the funding body (there will be a time limit for former staff – usually will have to cease employment no less than six months before applying)

How long does it take to complete a grant application?

It is best to have at least EIGHT to TEN weeks to work on the application. The part that takes the longest of any application is securing quotes and letters of support, as you are relying on outsiders to complete the tasks.

As more and more arts grants have become extremely oversubscribed, assessors are now looking at HOW EARLY BEFORE GRANT DEADLINE you submit the grant, as they believe early submission is one key indicator of how well you can manage a project. It is best to plan to submit at least two weeks before the grant deadline date.

There are also peak times when Applause Genie is completing large volumes of grant and other project work, and cannot take on rush clients. In our Guided Support package, we can work with you to create a strategic plan for funding so your needs are met.

How do you charge?

Applause Genie charges by invoice before the writing work begins. This allows you to secure guaranteed time with us and to make sure you have enough time to be guided by us in securing essential supporting documents for your application. Once the invoice is paid in full, work will begin on your project.

Will you read over and give feedback on a grant application I have written?

Applause Genie has a service where we will read and provide feedback on your self written grant application. If you are interested in this service, the package you would choose Expert Grant Feedback.

Will you work for commission, or a percentage of a successful grant?

The success of a grant application depends on many factors, with the grant writer’s expertise in crafting your proposal only one of those factors. Other factors are also essential, such as the applicant’s industry experience, reputation, the strength of the project, the strength of support material, how much money the funding body has in the round, and how many other requests the funder has received, and from whom.

I spend a large amount of time and expertise working with you to craft your grant submission. I consistently deliver a stress-free and quality product for each client, saving you time and increasing your chances of success. If I charged a commission-based fee, the commission would have to be high, up to 50% of your grant budget, leaving you short of money to fund your project.

Having your grant writer work for commission could ruin your chances of gaining your grant. Arts grant funding bodies frown upon contingency or commission-based fees, and many will not fund your project or organisation if they find out you pay consultants on this basis.

Funders also rarely allow general administration, including a grant writer’s fee, to be included in the program budget, and hiding the fee as another line item in the budget would be dishonest.

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