Building a business from your creative hobby can be tough.

It’s a great feeling to love what you do and know that other people appreciate what you create.

You might have been thinking for a while about the possibility of turning your hobby into a business.

It will allow you to do what you love every single day

You can work toward cultivating a lifestyle you’ll love

Your self-esteem will get a boost

Your success in starting your own business will be a source of pride for you and your family

But where to start?


You KNOW you are great at the creative part – your music or writing or art.

But not so much at the business side.

You’ve tried searching for the information, the more you search, the more conflicting information you find.

That’s where Applause Genie comes in.

We can help you navigate the business of being creative so you can Do What You Love ALL THE TIME!

Andrea Smith: Success Strategist for Creatives

For over three decades, Andrea Smith has been a driving force in Queensland’s creative industries, excelling as a key figure in the music sector. Her diverse expertise spans venue management, band management, music business education, mentoring, and funding management.

Recognised for her dedication, Andrea has received prestigious scholarships, bursaries, and nominations, including four WIPO Women in IP scholarships and a Queensland Overseas Foundation bursary. She has twice been a Queensland Training Awards regional finalist for Vocational Teacher/Trainer of the Year and has recently been announced as a finalist for the Humanitarian category in the Australian Women in Music Awards.

Andrea’s impressive qualifications in Management, Music Industry, Training & Assessment, Small Business Management, Community Culture, Mental Health First Aid, and IP demonstrate her commitment to professional growth.

Drawing from her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, Andrea is dedicated to educating and mentoring current and future generations of creatives, helping them achieve success in their artistic careers.

Her journey began serendipitously in the music industry when she took charge of The Orient Hotel, an iconic music venue. There she played a pivotal role in nurturing important Australian acts like Powderfinger, Screamfeeder, Custard, and Regurgitator during their early shows.

Recognising the need for music business education, Andrea wrote the ‘Successful Band Management’ Music Business course, which she successfully delivered through TAFE’s Adult and Community Education sector. Her dedication to education continued as she trained thousands of students in Music Business at TAFE and later joined the QLD College of Music, with many of her graduates now enjoying global success as artists, managers, and leaders in the creative sector.

As a co-producer, funding manager, and panel facilitator of the annual Turn Up Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference, Andrea has managed numerous events featuring prominent speakers such as Michael Chugg, Glenn Wheatley, Rhoda Roberts, Dicko and more. This initiative has provided knowledge and networking opportunities to over 1200 participants, and a showcase platform for more than 32 local Sunshine Coast artists.

In her own business, Applause Genie, Andrea acts as a success strategist, mentor, and grant writer for all types of creatives. Her global client base includes renowned music artists, touring companies, playwrights, Councils, community groups and many others in the creative realm. Clients include Ian Haug (Powderfinger, The Church, The Predators, Airlock Studios), Cindy Vogels (Space Girls, Racy & Lucky: costume designer for Lady Gaga), artist Sahara Beck, playwright Laura Jackson, and luminary Australian songwriter Doug Ford (Masters Apprentices).

An accomplished speaker on copyright and grant writing, Andrea has contributed to various arts and business events, producing community arts education events and seminar series featuring industry experts, such as the successful ‘The Business of Being Creative’ seminar series.

Her contributions extend to producing festivals and events, co-authoring a book on her time at The Orient Hotel, and illustrating a children’s book about a legendary QLD tugboat.

As a passionate creative, Andrea continues to explore her artistic pursuits in graphic design, illustration, and hand-lettering. Her hand-lettered flyers have even been preserved in the QLD State Library Heritage Music Collection.

Andrea Smith’s impact on the creative industries and music sector in Queensland is profound, making her a role model and an invaluable contributor to the growth and success of the artistic community.

Seen and Heard

Career Highlights and Achievements

Successful Band Management short course

Short course, Successful Band Management, was developed to teach Queensland musicians about the music industry. The first formal music business course in QLD was hosted by the TAFE Adult and Community Education department.

The Business of Being Creative seminars

A seminar series presenting expert guest speakers to train creative people in the art of business, produced by Andrea.

2021 Metropolitan Regional Finalist, QLD Training Awards

In 2021, Andrea reached the Regional finals for the Metropolitan region of the Queensland Training Awards for VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year. The awards are judged on innovation and excellence by a teacher/trainer providing nationally recognised training to students at a registered training organisation (RTO) or in partnership with an RTO during the previous calendar year.

Oriental Rock coffee table book

Co-authored by Andrea Smith and Richard Kwong, Oriental Rock is a collection of band flyers, photographs, anecdotes and more, relating to Brisbane’s Orient Hotel and its crucial role in the Queensland original live music scene of the late 80s and early 90s. The book’s many contributions combine to tell the story of a brief but sweaty and creative period, a time which laid the foundations for great Brisbane bands like Custard, Screamfeeder and Powderfinger. Though a tiny venue, the Orient Hotel proved itself a mighty force in a post-Joh, post-Fitzgerald, post-Expo Brisbane.

Intellectual Property Scholarships

Andrea succeeded in a scholarship application for IP courses from both World Intellectual Property Office and Korean Intellectual Property Office after taking an online WIPO copyright course.

2023 Metropolitan Regional Finalist, QLD Training Awards

In 2023, Andrea reached the Regional finals for the Metropolitan region of the Queensland Training Awards for VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year for the second time. The awards are judged on innovation and excellence by a teacher/trainer providing nationally recognised training to students at a registered training organisation (RTO) or in partnership with an RTO during the previous calendar year.

Turn Up Music Conference

Turn Up is an annual music conference that started in 2014 and is now recognised as the top gathering for the music industry in regional Queensland. It’s also the only local event of its kind.. The mission of Turn Up is to provide a structured music industry focused event that will cater to a diverse range of musicians and music industry workers. Turn Up’s goal is to unite music industry professionals through face-to-face bonding and connection.


Winner of QLD Overseas Foundation Bursary

As a winner of a 2020 QLD Overseas Foundation Global Connnections Bursary, Andrea will spend a week at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in the UK, to engage with Entertainment Business lecturers.


2023 Australian Women in Music Awards finalist

In 2023, Andrea was selected as a finalist for the 2023 Australian Women in Music Awards, in the Humanitarian category. The award honours a person who has made a significant and enduring impact on the field of music education, and/or supporting female artists in remote and/or regional communities.


People Andrea has worked with

• 8Ball Aitken – Solo Artist, Award Winning Composer residing in Texas

• Jennifer Boyce – Ball Park Music

• Peta Evans Taylor – Solo Artist

• Paul Renton – Solo Artist

• Jackson Dunn – Solo Artist

• Greg Tschernez – Solo Artist

• Mariel Hopper – Solo Artist

• Jacqui Schwantes – Solo Artist

• Joe Agius – The Creases

• Jake Blatchley – White Devil Detroit

• Ty Williams – Pyromance

• Donna Dyson – Award Winning Composer

• Bird Jensen – Director Phoenix Movement Records

• Zoe Aukeela – Staffing manager, Splendour in the Grass,

• Falls Festival, Brisbane Festival

• Fergus Jenkins – Licensing Manager/A&R, Dew Process

• Harry Young – Publishing Manager, Dew Process

• Andrew Wade – Media Relations Manager, SCG Media

• Narelle Butterworth – Event Manager, APRA

• David Dean – Hostile Entertainment

• Michael David – Live Nation Touring

• Katey O’Malley Jones – Freelance Stage Manager

• Sarah Kent – Administration, Secret Service

• Darcy Boyd – Administration, The Old Museum

• Anita Martin – Director, Make Loud Noise Studio

• Claire Marshall – Internationally Renowned Choreographer

• Brett Hansen – Director, Larrikin Puppets

• Renee Barlow – Director, Scarlet Harlotte Photography

• Jeffrey Mclaughlin – Manager, Barkly Arts, NT

• Josephine Ellis – Freelance Photographer

• Osher Günsberg – Television Presenter

• Gavin Ingham – Director, Collingwood Footy Tour

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